I am Mara

Visual artist & character creator
Work with Me

Portrait photos by visual artist Arthur Reijmer

Drawing Original Characters

I like to draw and to paint and this year I started to modelate in clay.

I have a youtube channel and rarely post videos … because 

I am very lazy… my channel name is TMBATCAT
Hey … i do free sketches 🙂

You can follow me here on Instagram or YouTube:


Original Characters

These are some of my sketches. I hope that you would like my original characters. 


I like to create original caracters. So, if you have an idea, I would love a challenge.

This are the guys in the band Zammorian, and the drummer is my father 🙂

Portrait photos by visual artist Arthur Reijmer


I love to paint and draw. 

What else can I say?

I do it every day. On paper, on my phone, on my tablet or on my computer. 


Those are school works. You can click on each image to see it in more detail. I hope you like it. 

My Hobbies

I plan to update this section with my other hobbies. But later.