I am David

Computer Programming & Debate
Looking for Internship

Programming and IT

Usually the young generation is protected from “screen time”. As a child, too much tv, computer games or smart phone messes with your brain. 

Actually in my family this was not the case. My parents never criticized my playing time and this encouraged me to make play an opportunity to learn. 

This developed my passion for Programming but also developed my ability to speak freely in English because I could find many international friends, also made me more curious about World History and Geography. 

I am looking for an Internship in a field related to computer science, programming or IT. 



School, International Computer High School (11th grade), Bucharest 2013present

Yearly average of 9.72/10.

Top of my class.

Educational school profile focused on Math and Computer Science/Programming

Programming Skills/ Languages known:

C# – most advanced






Good Knowledge of:

Microsoft Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Access

Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code/CodeBlocks/Processing


Programming and Computer Science are some of my best skils

Foreign Languages

I love to learn foreign languages and I try to improve all the time. 


I like Geography and History and I love to gasp also the socio-political side of every story I read. 

Movies and Books

Usually, free time means a book or a movie or a computer game.


Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching (diploma)

World Scholar’s Cup (debate, general knowledge, collaborative/essay writing)

Geography Romanian Olympiad

Turkish Language Olympiad

Silver in Science Fair First Step, Section Interactive Learning, with a computer program about Steganography

Foreign Languages

Romanian – Native

English – Advanced (Cambridge PET diploma 7th grade)

Turkish – Intermediate 

Japanese – Basic Level

French – Basic Level

Language Learning

Living in a country were no movie has voice over but only subtitles is an enormous advantage when you want to learn a foreign language. Especially English since most of the movies and tv shows are in English.

Also, being a student at the International Computer School from Bucharest presented me with a new challenge: learning Turkish. 

I took part in to Turkish Language Olympics in Romania and I had also a home stay payed by the school with a family in Istambul – were I could improve my language even more. 

Last year I had the opportunity to learn about a Japanese language study group at the American University from Bucharest. Now I am a Japanese intermediate and I can talk and write with ease. 



Level of English – B2 

It is now easy to speak, write and translate in English. 


Level of Turkish – A2

Participating at the Turkce Olimpiatlari 3 times, being in third place from my peers 


Japanese level – A2

I learn Japanese at The American University in Bucharest as a hobby. 


French level – A2

Learning French in school was a good experience and helped me to be able to talk, translate and write easily in basic French.


Level of Romanian – Native

Being born a Romanian has its perks. We have in common the majority of vocabulary with Italian but also we inherit many words from Slavic languages, Greek and Turkish. 


My Hobbies

To be continued here with more about my hobbies.